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The Zero Gravity G-Force Adjustable Bed will give you the ultimate comfort experience!

For couples with individual sleeping tastes, the Zero Gravity G-Force Adjustable Bed means twice the satisfaction. The split mattress design allows for independent adjustable operation so that both occupants experience a blissful night's sleep. And with the energy that will come from a great night's sleep, the days will be yours again!

  • Adjustable to any position.

  • Read or Watch TV in total comfort.

  • Individual massage with multiple settings.

  • Plug in your devices for convenient use while charging.

  • State Of The Art Quality at a Factory Direct Price.

(This website and product are not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This bed is not intended to treat any ailment or injury. Please consult your physician about your specific health care needs.)